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Employment Staffing
In an ever increasing competitive operating environment, a number of Triniti clients have elected to reduce operating budgets through organizational consolidations and eliminations. Responsive to their actions to replace internal staffing activities, Triniti offers a mid-management recruiting service for positions ranging from $75,000 to $125,000, annually. Depending upon historical business volume, Triniti provides dedicated head count. Project managing personnel can be located on the client's site if there is a preference to do so.

Assignment Progress Status
In concert with our strategic alliance partner, Triniti provides a software interface program with a client's in-house corporate MIS on personnel systems, providing relevant candidate qualifications as well as search progress status to the hiring manager. Triniti welcomes an opportunity to compete in this system approach, permitting the client to quantitatively measure search and staffing efficiency in both cost and time to complete the assignment.

"Triniti's Chairman, John Slosar, is a "people professional" who demonstrates that he understands our industry and the qualified executives who will succeed within our environment. He has brought leadership to us in the States, Latin America, as well as India."

Terry O'Rourke
Former President and COO
ArvinMeritor Inc.